Book List: Choose Love Not Power: How to Right the World's Wrongs from a Place of Weakness
Title:      Choose Love Not Power: How to Right the World's Wrongs from a Place of Weakness
Categories:      The Christian Left Books
BookID:      43
Authors:      Tony Campolo
ISBN-10(13):      0830751246
Publisher:      Regal
Publication date:      12-24-2009
Number of pages:      224
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Language:      English
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The God who set aside power in order to live out love—fully expressing that love on Calvary’s tree—is at the core of the Christian message to the world. Yet in the centuries since Christ’s refusal to yield to Satan’s temptation to establish His kingdom through economic, political and religious power, the Church has struggled to make the same refusal. In Choose Love Not Power, scholar, activist and modern-day prophet Tony Campolo explores the relationship between love and power, beginning with an examination of Jesus’ life and working toward a “theology of power” for Christians today. He surveys the implications of choosing love over power when it comes to the global community’s most pressing issues—environmental degradation, economic inequality and instability, and perpetual war. Dr. Campolo suggests that the choice between love and power begins close to home: Christ-followers who choose love over power in marriage and in parenting will likewise opt for love in their churches, communities and governments. The growing number of believers seeking a more authentically Christ-like way to be “Christian” in a diverse, pluralistic society will be challenged and encouraged by this unflinching look at Jesus’ example of love.