"Christ Is Not The Scam," by Mike George, for The Christian Left

This page [The Christian Left] is sooo important. The message has been skewed worldwide, IMHO. I think it's very unfortunate that nobody understands true Christianity.

Many folks base Christianity on what they see and hear from conservative preachers, which I feel is the antithesis of Christ’s teachings.

They also tend to try and ram it down people’s throats, making people feel uncomfortable and awkward.

The travesties of organized "Christianity" such as pedophile priests and money begging preachers make most folks think its all a scam; but Christ is not the scam. It’s the perpetrators doing the scamming in the name of Christ.

When I watch these conservative preachers on TV, they’re not preaching Jesus. They’re preaching the old testament, or talking about conservative politics, and they rarely mention Jesus ... What’s up with that???

It makes me wonder if many of these so called preachers are really luciferians deceiving folks on purpose. There’s a lot of speculation on that. I tend to believe that, because look at how the majority of Americans look upon Christianity. They have at best a skeptical view of it. Many despise it. Some so hate the false messages and molestations and money grubbing, they are avowed atheists.

False teachings are quite powerful and affective at tarnishing true Christianity. I’m not judging conservative Christians. They should believe whatever they want to believe, but I think they missed the point totally! Maybe on accident; maybe on purpose. Maybe they got hoodwinked or scammed into believing false teachings; or, maybe they got lured by the devil into believing false teachings.

Besides the obvious, that Christ is true salvation and everlasting life, He was also about helping the needy, especially the children, the poor, the sick, the hungry. He was about redemption. One could be absolved of sin, and start anew. He CARED ABOUT PEOPLE.

I do not see this from the conservative side at all. They care about MONEY. Jesus didn't care about money. He said to give it all away. He said that it is impossible for a rich man to enter heaven. Yet so many Christians chase after riches and wealth. Why??? I could see becoming rich to help those in need. That makes sense. Like Bill Gates, he’s giving his entire fortune away. I think he got the message, but most don’t.

Jesus' other main purpose was forgiveness; to not fight back; to be meek; to fight anger and hatred with love and enlightenment; to seek peace at all costs. He was a complete genius, and most everybody who dared to debate him lost because his wisdom superseded their seemingly rational rationales.

Let us not forget. Jesus was about LOVE. LOVE for God, and your brothers and sisters; and your enemies; and strangers; and those who could care less about you; and those of other faiths, and those of no faith. We are ALL brothers and sisters!

If everybody loved everybody the way Jesus loves everybody, there wouldn't be any more wars, or hunger, or hatred, or cruelty. We would be living something close to heaven on earth.

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